About Us

BAC&CLARK, foundations of which we laid to take hygiene from Turkey to the world and bring hygiene from the world to Turkey for health purposes, continues to rise with the bricks that we continue to pave each passing day.

As BAC&CLARK, we put health in the first place and transferred all our savings in all sectors to the field of health. We also continue to take steps for the construction of our future with the experience and knowledge we have gained in our history of over 20 years. In this context, as BAC&CLARK, we opened a factory in Kosovo. In this way, we have both expanded our production volume and improved our quality. Furthermore, we continue to contribute to the country’s economy by expanding our import and export dimensions with the contribution of our factory in Kosovo.

Our Services and Products

In addition to having a deep-rooted background and successful corporate life in more than one sector, we serve your health with our products in the hygiene category. By wholesaling, we keep our retailers’ stocks up-to-date and ensure that individual customers can easily access hygiene products. By producing disinfectants and alcohol based hygiene products while making no concessions on quality, play an important role in ensuring the cleanliness that is necessary to protect health on the consumer end.

Our Team

We aim to achieve the best service and the highest quality with our experienced staff, which brought together under the principles of honesty, integrity and professionalism. We get efficient results thanks to our staff that is in full compliance with our innovative and sustainable policies. On the other hand, we keep the number of staff reporting to our qualified team at an optimum level, so that our R&D efforts, to which we attach great importance and allocate extensive budgets, function smoothly.

Our Quality

We do our level best to ensure that our production environment, team, products and services are of maximum quality.