Where can you use Cleaning Wipes for ?

Cleaning wipes can serve a number of personal and household purposes. Although marketed primarily for wiping infants’ bottoms in diaper changing, it is not uncommon for consumers to also use the product to clean hands, skins , tables , floors , bathrooms , toilet seats, and other surfaces around the home. Now there is at least one in every home, every car, every office, every handbag.

Let’s take a look 25 options, where can you use cleaning wipes ?

1 – Quickly clean your belongings
Our daily use items are exposed to dust and dirt every day. Use cleaning wipes when dusting the places such as bookshelves, coffee tables, tables, windows in your home or office. The environment will smell nice and your belongings will remain dust-free for longer.

2 – Remove stain marks from drapes and clothing
If there is a stain on your clothes or tablecloth, you can intervene quickly and remove the stains with a cleaning wipes.

3 – Get rid of paint pencil marks on the wall
You can clean the walls your child has painted using cleaning wipes.

4 – Let your cabinets smell beautiful
By placing cleaning wipes under wardrobes, drawers, curtain backs and armpits, you can make your home smell more economically and harmlessly.

5 – Don’t worry about lime and soap stains in your bathroom
Make the dried lime and soap residue on the tiles, sinks, shower cabinets and shower curtains in your bathroom sparkling by using cleaning wipes.

6 – Remove food residues from your pots and pans
If there are burnt food residues on your pots and pans, fill them with warm water by putting three or four cleaning wipes inside. Leave it like that overnight. Remove the wipes and wipe. Dirt will come off immediately. Then wash and rinse your pot.

7 – Polish chrome surfaces
Chrome surfaces may appear scratched and pale even after cleaning. You can easily polish all chrome surfaces, be it your refrigerator, toaster, or even the wheel rim, by wiping them with a cleaning wipes.

8 – Avoid dust on electrical tools
Television and computer screens attract dust particles because they carry a static electricity charge. For this reason, you should frequently dust your equipment such as televisions and computers. If you dust these tools with a wet wipes, you will prevent dust accumulation for a long time. Also, regularly clean your cell phone with a cleaning wipes.

9 – Remove the garbage smell
Nobody likes the smell of garbage in the house. Sometimes even if you throw away the garbage, the bad smell will not go away because bacteria are settled in your trash can. Wipe the inside of your trash can with a wet wipes and drop a few cleaning wipes at the bottom of the trash before putting a bag. You will get rid of the bacteria in your garbage to a certain extent and your garbage will not smell like it used to.

10 – Shine your plants
Although the broad-leaved plants in your homes and offices look beautiful, they easily collect dust due to the large leaf surfaces. With a cleaning wipes, you can easily clean the leaves without damaging the plants.

11 – Wipe off your leather items
Cleaning your leather-covered items with a wet wipes makes your work easier and your furniture looks like new.

12 – Your sneakers and bags smell beautifully
Your sneakers and bags are highly susceptible to bad smells due to the way they are used. Sometimes even strong perfumes and fragrances cannot prevent them from smelling bad. If you put a cleaning wipes in your shoes and bags the night before using it, you will solve this problem.

13 – Clean your pet
Your cat or dog’s hair will stick to fabrics, carpets, and furniture. You can easily collect and clean them with wet wipes. You can also wipe your pet so that it smells good. You can also use the hygienic pet wipes to clean your pet’s paws.

14 – Clean your keyboard
Periodically shaking your computer’s keyboard is a good way to get rid of dust and debris accumulating on the bottom and between the keys. But that’s half the job. Use a cleaning wipes to remove dirt, dried debris from the keys. Make sure the cable is disconnected before wiping them.

15 – Take care of your car
If your new car’s good smells was finish , use cleaning wipes. Place a wet wipe under each seat in your car. You will see that all bad odors, including cigarette smells, are gone. When the wipes dry, replace them with new ones. If birds contaminate your car window, you can clean your car window whenever you need it with a wet wipe in the glove compartment.

16 – Get out of the sand on the beach
Of course, walking on the beach is great. What is really annoying is the sand sticking to your feet after you go in and out of the sea. In such cases, you can easily get rid of the sand adhering to your feet by using a cleaning wipes.

17 – Take control of fluffy hair
Do you need to go out urgently and your hair is full? Wipe and straighten your hair with a wet tissue. Also, your hair will smell good.

18 – Take precautions immediately for your sweating
Keep the wet wipes in your closet. When you sweat, use cold cleaning wipes and get rid of bad smells and refresh.

19 – Get rid of deodorant stains
Although deodorants advertise with the guarantee that they do not leave stains and marks, we all know that they do not reflect the truth. Easily get rid of deodorant stains on your clothes with a wet wipe.

20 – Remove makeup

Especially difficult to remove blush, black eye pencils and mascara can be easily removed by using a wet wipe.

22 – Soothe your skin
If you stay in the sun too much, you can temporarily cool your face with a BC wet wipe. You can also use the wet wipes to treat cuts and abrasions. Although most wipes do not have any antiseptic properties, they will be a good choice to clean the wound before applying the appropriate treatment.

23 – Remove hair dye from your skin
Although dyeing hair at home is much cheaper than going to the hairdresser, we can carry the dye to our skin. You can also get rid of this with a wet wipe.

24 – Provide personal hygiene
Ensure their hygiene by using appropriate wet wipes for people with limited mobility and special needs.

25 – Fight Bacteria and Viruses
While you are outside your living area during the day, regularly provide your personal disinfectant by using suitable cleaning wipes for your hands.

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